surfacesWhen applying Finger Grips with tapes, the surface is key for the racks to function properly.

Good Surfaces

  • Matte painted surfaces are great as long as they are smooth & flat*.
  • Direct to wood, brick or smooth concrete.
  • The more surface contact the stronger the adhesion.
  • We recommend maximum load of 5–10kg depending on the product and surface.

Bad Surfaces

  • Rough, uneven, curved or bowed walls.
  • Old paint or wallpaper – loose surfaces will break away under load.
  • Gloss paint and paint designed to repel stains may limit the adhesion of the tapes.

If you are intending to use the rack over 5kg, slanted across the wall, or in a position that could cause injury or damage, we recommend the SCREW-IN option.

*Flat Surfaces: you can see if the wall is flat simply by placing the Finger Grip against the wall before removing the protective film from the tapes. If all tapes are flush with the wall it’s flat. Test the Rack by hanging a towel on it after the curing period.

A good grip ensures good performance and a good rack