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Tape Option

  1. Ensure that surface is clean, dry and free from grease or dust.yew boy
  2. Mark exactly where the rack will be placed, as repositioning will cause the adhesive to weaken.
  3. Peel off the release paper, do not touch the adhesive.
  4. Place in the required position and press FIRMLY for 30 seconds to ensure good contact then leave for 12 hours before use.
  5. Grip your stick.


The rack is not suitable for application to surfaces over 40°C (104°F). To apply to surfaces less than 10°C (50°F) warm up the tape and surface with hair dryer. Do not use on delicate wallpaper or paint, rendered surfaces, antiques or valuable items.


Self-adhesive products are dependent on good surface preparation and proper handling. As these factors are out of our control, DO NOT use self-adhesive products over beds, doorways, or anywhere that failure could cause injury or damage to property.

Screw In Option

Finger Grip® has been designed with six screw holes around the edge of the base. If you want to screw it, do it.

To Remove

  1. Lift up, release tab and hold firmly with fingers.
  2. Hold the finger with one hand and pull the release tabs in the direction of the arrows.
  3. As the adhesive stretches, continue to pull slowly.
  4. Keeping the stretch adhesive as close to the wall as possible until the hook becomes free.

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